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采用 PANATURA® 制作的烘焙产品不仅风味、口感和新鲜度一流,而且百分之百纯天然。

PANATURA® 是一种经过长期发酵的专利麦曲产品。 它源自一种几近失传的古老烘焙技艺,通过多年研发和创新而制成。PANATURA®适用于现代机械化烘焙类生产。用此方法制作的烘焙产品保持了其传统特色,无需使用任何化学添加剂。

PANATURA® 适合于所有采用酵母发酵的烘焙类产品,例如法式面包、特色面包、羊角包和面包卷,自动化机械生产和传统工艺均可采用。 产品形态为生面团或颗粒。

PANATURA® 烘焙,美味加倍!


  • 纯天然原料(100% 纯天然)
  • 水分含量更高,保鲜期更长
  • 面包更柔软,也更易切片
  • 口感绝佳! 让寻常的面包变成真正的享受!

PANATURA®: 哇,好棒的面团!

面包师喜欢 PANATURA® 的优点:

  • 面团可增发 2 到 3 个百分点
  • 单一加工流程
  • 可用于制作所有类型的面包和烘焙产品
  • 面团柔滑而干燥
  • 发酵时间更长,烘焙潜力更大
  • 采用独立配方,制作的面包和糕点散发独特香气
  • 使冷冻产品水分控制更佳

PANATURA®: 高超技艺无人能敌

PANATURA® 麦曲生面团在生产过程中具备以下功能:

  • 促进香味前体和风味的形成
  • 培养弱酸性,提升成品香味
  • 产生气泡,减轻面包重量
  • 淀粉糊化效果更佳
  • 为乳化作用提供支持
  • 促进水结合
  • 可替代面包改良剂

关于 About

PANATURA - The innovative way of making industrial bread and baked goods

The best-known bread is made of highest quality of natural ingredients and by using long fermentation methods. Since the industrialization of bakery trade, most industrial produced bread and baked goods contain chemicals like emulsifiers and enzymes.

In our days, consumers become more sensitive about healthy nutrition and great taste. Consumers know the difference and they taste it. They go for better quality.

The innovation: Baked goods made with PANATURA have the typical look and feel of artisan style products, however industrially made. Baked goods made with PANATURA have better flavor, better crispness, softer crumb and increased shelf life, however with shorter proofing times and no more bread improvers.

You can use PANATURA® for the production of all yeast-raised bakery goods such as soft buns, baguettes, specialty breads, croissants and rolls, whether produced by automatic machinery or traditional craft. It is available in dough-like and granulated form.

PANATURA® bakes your day!

Consumers love it:

  • Exclusively natural raw materials (100% natural)
  • Stays fresh longer because of its higher moisture content
  • Softer crumb and better slicing characteristics

Simply tastes good! – Everyday bread becomes a real pleasure!

PANATURA®: Wow what a dough!

Bakers’ love PANATURA®’s advantages:

  • Profitable because the dough yield is 2 to 3 percent higher
  • Single working process
  • can be used for all types of bread and bakery products
  • Silky, dry dough
  • Greater fermentation and baking tolerance
  • Typical bread and patisserie aroma with individual recipes
  • Improved water control in frozen products

PANATURA®: The incomparable talent

PANATURA® wheat starter dough has the following functions in the production:

  • Formation of flavour precursors and flavours
  • Development of mild acids that promote the final flavour
  • Formation of gas that lightens the bread
  • Better starch gelatinization
  • Supports emulsification
  • Improves water binding
  • Can replace bread improvers